2 Signs Your Outdoor Space Needs a Refresh

Landscaping is a lot like learning, it’s not a one and done exercise. It’s more of an ongoing journey. The land around a home should evolve along with the ages and stages of the people who live on it, ebbing and flowing with their personal or professional milestones. That’s great for a landscape business owner for many reasons – not the least of which is it means a continuous source of business.

Father Nature President and Vice President Andrew and Daniel McCurry said there are two definite signs that your outdoor space needs a facelift.

You no longer feel pride in your landscape.

Andrew said owners should always feel like when they drive home they’re entering a sanctuary, a place where they can decompress. “There’s a sense of pride – the good kind – that we want our customers to experience when they pull up to their property,” he explained. “When they pull up after a hard day we want them to feel like, “I’m proud to live here because it is beautiful.”

That can be tough to maintain without professional landscaping services. An amateur might have the best intentions, but he or she might not have the technical know-how to initially organize things with maintenance and upkeep in mind. Then it becomes more likely that nature will have its way and eventually reclaim the space.

Your landscape is no longer functional.

Let’s say a husband, wife and child live in a home. Each parent has a car, but when the child turns 16, suddenly there’s another car that doesn’t fit. “The outdoors has to align with how you live your life,” Daniel explained. “Then your outdoor space can make you happy.”

A home has to feel like it belongs to its owner. It’s why landscaping is so important for new property owners. Absorbing and making use of their natural surroundings is part of how the family adjusts to the property – and that’s why it’s up to the landscaper to ensure that landscape matches the family’s needs.

Again, those needs are continuously evolving, which is why a landscaping franchise is such a viable business opportunity. Small toddlers who once needed a yard to play in become teenagers who need a cool terrace to hang out on so their parents can have peace of mind about their whereabouts.

Then they become young adults who need to have a wedding party on the grounds. Or, after they leave the nest, the parents want to have a yard jazzy enough for cocktail parties – with the added bonus of increasing property resale value.

Landscaping taps into a homeowners’ pride in their property, how they and their family lives and works, it can even positively influence their emotional state in times of upheaval. Whatever stage of life they’re in, a professional landscape contractor has a role to play to make things more comfortable, more useful, and more beautiful.

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