4 Health Benefits Associated with Owning a Landscape Construction Franchise

Spending time in a natural environment can offer a wealth of benefits for the entire family, yet the average American spends just 5% of their time outside. Helping others to cultivate a love of the outdoors is also beneficial for entrepreneurs interested in cultivating a successful landscaping business.

The following four benefits aren’t just ways the great outdoors can improve your health, they’re lures you can use to build a thriving business outdoors.

Spending time in nature is a great way to reduce stress levels.

Numerous studies show that being outdoors changes the way our bodies use cortisol, the hormone that reacts to stress. Researchers found lower heart rates and cortisol levels in study participants who spent time in a forest compared to those in a city. Getting out to a forest regularly might be tricky for many of us, but it’s entirely possible to create an inviting landscape on your property, effectively bringing nature to you.

That’s exactly how a landscape construction franchise could sell its services to potential customers: Spend time in your personal, beautifully designed landscape. It’s a great way to take advantage of nature’s positive impact on you and your family’s health and state of mind.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to let nature look after your physical health.

For instance, the sun can be a great boost to our physical health because it’s a natural source of vitamin D, something that more than 40% of Americans lack. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps the stomach absorb and use calcium, which supports healthy bone growth in children and supports the immune system in preventing and fighting infection.

Spending time outdoors can also reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the cause of many health issues including depression, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and auto-immune disorders. Being able to tell a client that spending time on their beautifully landscaped terrace could reduce hypertension? Now that’s an excellent selling point.

Spending time outside can improve your mental health.

Mental fatigue, or that lethargic brain feeling, is a common symptom of modern life. Getting back to nature can help to restore your mental energy, and reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression. A study found that just looking at pictures of the great outdoors can restore mental power. That offers a Father Nature franchisee a natural – pardon the pun – hook to sell clients on the benefits of beautifying their landscape.

Spending time in nature can help your brain work better.

Landscape clients are often revamping their external property to accommodate their children, which makes sense. They want the kids to have a safe place to play. But spending time outside can also help boost their academic performance. Nature can sharpen focus and concentration, both of which make it easier to study. Spending time outside can also boost creativity and problem-solving abilities.

If you’re interested in building a business outdoors, you should consider a landscape installation franchise or a design business with Father Nature. Our franchise opportunities are a great way for you to share all of the health benefits of spending time outside with other nature enthusiasts – and be your own boss.

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