5 Steps to Owning a Landscape Franchise

The landscaping industry has shown a trend of upward growth in recent years, and it’s never been a better time to own a landscaping franchise. With a multitude of locations throughout the country, Father Nature Landscapes has no shortage of success stories from franchisees. For those looking to invest in a landscape franchise like Father Nature Landscapes, you should have:

1. Passion

In order to have a successful franchise, the passion has to be there from the beginning. Whether it’s the creative aspect of formulating landscape designs, or the opportunity to provide stellar customer service that drives you, passion for your work has to underlie everything you do.

2. A Solid Process

If passion is the spark that inspires you to go into business in the first place, a solid business process is your guiding light. Luckily at Father Nature Landscapes, we’ve given franchisees a great process to start with for dealing with customers. Each of our engagements start with a design consultation and end with a final walk-through where we tie up loose ends. For more information about our customer process, fill out our online form.

3. A Client Base

Developing a diverse client base is one of the biggest challenges growing businesses face. Yet, positive referrals are one of the best ways to gain new business. Quality referrals aren’t always possible, at least initially, for most startups. But it certainly helps to have other landscape companies in your city that bear the same franchise name.

4. A Growth-Oriented Workplace

Opportunities for career growth, as well as the availability of exciting and challenging work, often motivates employees to stay with a company longer. To run a successful landscaping franchise, you’ll need to create an environment that provides value and a sense of belonging to employees. Work should feel like something more than just “a job.” The best workplaces allow for employees to grow spiritually, personally, and professionally. Great workplaces also provide opportunities for employees to develop better relationships with each other, and with the customers they serve.

5. An Effective Marketing Plan

New companies have to share their stories somehow. Before starting a landscaping franchise, it’s important to segment your target list of potential customers. This helps you target your marketing efforts appropriately. Homeowners in one neighborhood may respond differently to a given marketing message or tactic than homeowners in another neighborhood, for a variety of different reasons. Our team of experts can help you target the right customers, helping you grow your business.

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