How to Start a Landscape Design Business

When you start a new landscape design business, especially one that is client-facing, it can be tough to build a book of clients that will drive revenue and generate positive buzz about your company. Thankfully, there are several useful tactics you can employ to build a strong client base for your landscape design franchise. Keep reading to learn the easiest and most effective ways our landscape franchise owners accomplish this.

Coordinate gainful marketing efforts for your landscape franchise

Sometimes, marketing seems like a tall task or something that’s complex to facilitate. However, effective marketing can be as simple as showing off your services in your own yard or other places around town. Soon, you’ll have a flood of people with new business propositions for your landscape design franchise operation. Place advertisements in local media outlets, participate in targeted email campaigns and set up social media accounts to get your name out there and bring clients in the door. The more people you reach, the more likely you are to attain new clients for your landscape design business.

Enlist influencers to promote your landscape design franchise operation

It pays to collaborate with bloggers who have a substantial following and can act as a channel to reach your target audience. Connect with lifestyle bloggers or those focused on interior design whose blogs have several subscribers. Because their audience is likely similar to yours, your landscape design franchise can partner with them to promote your services and acquire more work.

Also, consider the influencers in your town that aren’t necessarily individuals, but perhaps other businesses or locations where you could show off your work. Identify parks, libraries or other high-traffic establishments that could use some complimentary sprucing up in exchange for free advertising for your landscape franchise business.

Encourage reviews and referrals from current landscape franchise clients

When you complete services for existing clients, encourage them to spread the word about your landscape franchise business. Offer incentives for them to write a review online on sites like Angie’s List and Yelp, and offer discounts for referrals they make. Your existing client base is probably your biggest asset in helping you to attain new customers, so take advantage of that and make them feel appreciated for spreading the word!

Enjoy a growing client base with Father Nature’s landscape franchise opportunity

If you are good at networking and feel as though you would enjoy a career owning a landscape design business, learn more about landscape franchise opportunities with Father Nature Landscapes. You could easily start your landscape design franchise and build clientele, while cultivating a career you love.

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