How to Grow Your Landscape Business

Part of building a successful landscape construction franchise is the support and training you receive from the franchisor. Father Nature understands this, and we’ve created a support and training system built on proven processes and tactics that allow our franchisees to experience the business firsthand. Once you have the proper foundation, we will support you every step of the way as you learn how to grow your landscape business.

Prepare to Get Your Hands Dirty

Initially, our franchisees take part in a two-week long, classroom and field-based training event. Once in the field, franchisees will participate in day-to-day project management, getting a bird’s eye look at how projects are set up, run and staged.

We take our franchisees out on actual jobs so they can experience firsthand what it’s like to run a landscape installation franchise. “They’ve gotta see it in real time,” said Andrew McCurry, president, Father Nature. “They’ve got to see mistakes happen and learn how you modify and move through a project.”

Franchisees will shadow one of our experienced employees to learn the business from the ground up. That includes observing how our sales teams strategize, learning the process around lead acceptance, how to conduct initial client meetings and follow up, the design and production process, invoicing, you name it.

In addition to teaching the intricacies of landscape design, we act as a business coach. This coaching is critically important to our franchisees success. Why? Consider the following scenario.

A man who’s interested in a landscape installation franchise schedules a meeting to talk. He cancels the night before. But when he calls to cancel he shares that he’s been getting a lot of business leads. So many, he went out and bought a $65,000 skid steer.

Us: Do you have a new crew?

Potential franchisee: No, I haven’t hired a crew yet.

Us: Did you get a truck to pull the skid steer?

Potential franchisee: No, I haven’t bought the truck either.

Now, we wish everyone the best of luck with their business venture whether we build a franchise together or not, but this gentleman could benefit from some strategic help. It’s just not a good idea to buy a $65,000 piece of equipment unless you have a crew to run it and a truck to pull it, you know?

“You may make lots of mistakes when you haven’t done this before, but we’ve figured out a way to teach the necessary processes using a system based on skill repetition,” Andrew explained.

Even better, we offer field support once you get your landscape construction franchise rolling. We come with you to the job site to lend a hand and help you lay out and organize your facilities efficiently.

Ask a Lot of Questions

To get the most benefit from the training and support systems we offer, you have to actively engage. It’s one of the best ways to learn how to grow your landscape business. So, ask questions. Don’t be a passive participant in the franchisee training. Do your research. Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with us live and mine us for information.

We want processes to be second nature for you. Tasks that aren’t automated should be fluid actions that happen without conscious thought. That only happens through repetition and practice.

“We lead training events at our office on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and to try to train our guys in house, we’ve learned that it takes going through steps seven times to get this stuff to stick,” said Andrew. “People become an expert through repetition. We practice repetition because that’s how you’re going to learn and engage.”

Our Training is Dynamic, Never Static

At Father Nature, we pride ourselves on cultivating a learning culture. We provide two weeks of formal training for franchisees, but it doesn’t stop there. Further, we have a vision for our training, and it’s evolving.

We have an app in development featuring a virtual training game called Pay Dirt. The app will walk franchisees through administrative best practices, help develop soft skills, it will even provide landscape-specific knowledge with modules for drainage, irrigation, planting, lighting, hardscapes and more.

We also invite all of our franchisees to our annual corporate meeting. Each year we pick three topics to go over, such as marketing, customer service or how to improve your close ratio. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to interact with other business leaders in the company and pick their brains.

“The value of that yearly corporate event is insane,” said Daniel, vice president, Father Nature. “All the great minds from Father Nature in Tacoma, Mobile and Birmingham leadership teams come together, and we have a consultant like Jim Paluch, Tony Bass and Stephen Cohen come down to speak on different topics.”

We’re even planning to launch a trade university in the next few years. Our franchisees will be able to develop trade-specific skills like laying patios, building decks, lighting and irrigation that they can then market to their clients. Training is key to franchise success, and we take it very seriously.

To learn more about a Father Nature landscape construction franchise, or have us answer any other questions, click here.