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How to Start a Landscape Business

Consumers recently spent $82 billion in one year on landscaping. And that number has been steadily increasing each year.

Why is the landscaping industry strong and has been strong for several years? It’s because consumers take pride in their yards and believe in maintaining them. One survey found that some 83 percent of Americans feel that having a yard is important, and 90 percent of those feel it’s also important to maintain that yard. Essentially, consumers value the way their homes look and know that includes attractive landscaping.

If you’re considering starting a landscape franchise business, there are a few things you need to know.

Things to Know Before Purchasing a Landscape Business

There are many different niches within the landscape industry. Some landscaping businesses focus exclusively on one area, while others may focus on a handful within the industry. For example, there is the “hardscaping” niche that typically includes pavements, lighting, pool installation and more. Then there is the “gardening and vegetation” niche, which can involve intricate planning for gardens of all styles and sizes.

These are several others, but from a franchise perspective the “design and build” niche is of particular interest. Landscape business owners cite landscape design as one of the most profitable and in demand areas in the entire landscape industry. This niche involves working with customers to learn what they want from their outdoor space, then creating a custom design to suit their taste and building that design to scale.

As with any industry, a landscaping business will attract different kinds of customers. Income naturally plays an important role in customer type, as does location and other demographic data. The good news is there are areas of business opportunity associated with just about every demographic.

Like any business, the landscaping franchise market does have its challenges. These challenges mirror those found in the general construction franchise space. They include:

  • Personnel
  • Competition
  • Differentiation
  • Reputation
  • Managing growth

However, these are the same risks and rewards associated with almost any business venture, and there are proven ways to mitigate the risks and maximize the rewards. The right partner, for instance, to provide targeted, knowledgeable support, could mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s worth it. The median revenue for landscaping franchises is around $256,000 annually, and there is potential to make even more. The landscaping industry offers a variety of profitable business franchise opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoor life and are interested in running their own shop.

The Father Nature Landscapes Franchise Business Opportunity

  • Find warehouse and office space
  • Set up business insurance
  • Take advantage of a nine-day training program
  • Create initial inventory and operating supplies
  • Install management and operational software
  • Build a trusted brand reputation
  • Landscape franchise support

The initial landscape franchise costs vary, but here is a basic breakdown:

  • Initial franchise fee: $30,000 to $89,500
  • Startup franchise Investment: $57,584 to $152,345
  • Conversion franchise investment: $32,300 to $65,395

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Once you’re setup you’re not left alone. We offer our franchise partners ongoing access to:

  • Landscaping guidance
  • Business guidance
  • Community support

Even if you’re already in the landscaping business and have some experience, we at Father Nature Landscapes have the know how and the desire to aid your efforts to expand your business through franchising. We offer an on-boarding process where you gain access to all of the aforementioned items as well as help to rebrand your current business and any new licenses you’ll need.
Starting a landscape franchise is a great opportunity right now. The industry is as strong as ever. Consumers increasingly realize the importance of spending time outdoors, and doing so at home saves money and increases their comfort levels.

They want spaces that look great and are livable. This demand requires landscaping professionals who can design and build great outdoor spaces.

To learn more about how to start a landscape franchise, or to learn more details on a Father Nature Landscapes franchise opportunity please contact us today. We’ll be in touch to answer any questions you have.

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