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Meet the Father Nature Landscapes Leadership Team: Daniel McCurry

When Founder Daniel McCurry isn’t helping franchisees discover how to start a landscaping business in the design/build niche, he can be found advocating for horticultural excellence and business integrity among scholars, peer groups and organizations nationwide. We sat down with Daniel one of the members of the leadership team to learn more about the Father Nature Landscapes mission, as well as what’s in store for franchisees who invest in one of our landscaping franchise opportunities.

What was the initial vision behind this landscape franchise concept?

DM: We built the Father Nature Landscapes brand in high school, and it has grown ever since. When you think of nature, you think of quotes from environmental philosophical John Muir, who often made connections between nature, universe and self. That’s what we try to bring to life through our work. We highlight that spiritual connection that comes from being in nature. People hear the name and see our branding and they think of cool moist moss, healthy plants and prospering trees. There’s just a deep, healthy emotion that our brand sparks, and we’re excited to offer landscaping franchise opportunities that will help entrepreneurs share that with their own communities.

How does Father Nature Landscapes continue to set itself apart from other landscaping franchise opportunities?

DM: We’re always looking for ways to innovate. We’re always looking to create more value, ramp up that “cool factor” and increase durability. Meanwhile, on the operations side, we’re sticking to what we know. We’re continuing to uphold the artistry that is unique to landscape design. We’re committed to doing things well, and not just fly-by-night. This classic work ethic and innovative edge have set us apart in this industry, and we’re confident that those elements will continue to serve us well.

Why invest in this landscape franchise opportunity versus starting a landscaping business from scratch?

DM: You could take the route of starting a landscaping business from scratch if you wanted. However, when you do it alongside a trusted brand like Father Nature Landscapes, you become part of a community. Our landscape franchise owners solve problems together. They’re participating in conversations that are innovative, tough and inspiring. Together, they’re learning to become better, faster, cooler and stronger as landscape professionals. That’s something you just can’t replicate out there on your own.

Where do you see Father Nature Landscapes franchise owners five years from now?

DM: Our landscape franchise owners love what they do, and that will continue for the next five years and beyond. By then, I hope that they’ll be busy inspiring families to live outside, come together and rekindle relationships. They won’t be stressed out and worried about how to pay the bills. After five years, my hope is that they feel like they’re truly accomplishing their mission in life. That’s exactly how Andrew and I feel, and it’s a high honor to be in the position to help franchisees see the same degree of success.

How does this landscape franchise opportunity help business owners grow holistically?

DM: We love training landscape professionals on how they can improve spiritually, physically and in all other aspects of their lives. Our philosophy has always been that if something isn’t growing, it’s dying. Our landscape franchise owners receive ample encouragement, guidance and accountability to ensure they’re living that philosophy and avoiding stagnancy. We encourage them to develop their personal self, and their professional results will follow. It can be challenging, but it’s massively rewarding.

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