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Meet Our Leadership Team

Let us introduce you to the heart and soul of our landscape franchise support team and the minds behind the Father Nature brand.

Andrew McCurry

A graduate of Auburn University, Andrew leveraged his degree in Landscape Horticulture, his eye for artistry and a lifelong passion for gardening to curate a unique professional destiny. Andrew originally teamed up with brother Daniel to explore entrepreneurship in 1996, founding a small-scale gardening maintenance and installation company. That company would later grow into the Father Nature brand. Andrew took an organic approach to developing his business acumen – familiarizing himself with best practices through reading and cultivating strategic relationships with industry leaders. In 2006, Andrew opened Father Nature Landscapes of Tacoma, Inc., running the business out of his home for more than three years before relocating to Birmingham to help his brother run FNL of Birmingham, Inc.

Andrew now extends his commitment to connecting life and land to franchise owners – helping them convert their employee mentality into an entrepreneurial mindset. With a knack for transforming large, wooded outdoor spaces using a contemporary perspective, Andrew excels in realizing large-scale possibilities through small-scale change. He brings his knack for strategy to franchise owners as a resource in business operations and development. He looks forward to illuminating paths for franchisees that merge detailed strategy, workflow efficiencies and creative abundance.

Daniel McCurry

Daniel McCurry’s creative and professional expertise knows no bounds. As Founder of Father Nature Landscapes of Birmingham, Inc., Daniel combines an affinity for horticulture, property value and design style with his extensive knowledge of marketing and branding. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Horticulture with a minor in Business Administration from Auburn University. His creative curiosity would later lead him to Tacoma, Washington, New Zealand and beyond, where he helped numerous landscaping businesses streamline innovation and business systems, before founding our Birmingham operation in 2009.

Today, Daniel takes a collaborative approach to landscape franchise support as he shares his expertise in accounts setup, project management, branding, sales and design. When he is not working with franchisees to facilitate creative and entrepreneurial breakthroughs, he can be found helping non-profit organizations coordinate farm lab projects for local students. Daniel is eager to share this same passion for community, urban green spaces and business excellence with franchisees.

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