Customers and investors alike are attracted to our effort to think outside the box as we grow. Read on to learn more about what it’s like to be part of the Father Nature team.

“Why do I like working here? Easy. I enjoy being a part of ‘the team’ we have in Tacoma. We are not reliant on just one person being all-knowing. Rather, we use a collective experience mindset, in addition to reaching out to Birmingham on a regular basis for guidance. We truly come together and work in unison in pursuit of our vision to connect clients’ lives and land. Landscaping is also transformational, and I love that – taking a space that was old and tired, but had good bones and reinventing it so that a family can begin living outside; even if just a little. I also enjoy [that] I am allowed to be myself and [I’m] encouraged to be so. Connecting with clients in a way that is meaningful to them, providing what they are looking for and helping them to expand their horizons, truthfully trying to live up to my title of an ‘outdoor living enthusiast’ – it can be a tall order, but I get up in the morning excited for the challenge. I also truly appreciate the people I have the opportunity to work and interact with on a daily basis. We’re all from different backgrounds, but working together for a common purpose! It’s wonderful.”

From Chris Scheer, Corporate Father Nature Landscapes location of Tacoma, WA